Sunday, December 11

Curse of the Snow Demon?

so yesterday i made the mistake of letting myself get sucked into a movie on the SciFi channel (and by mistake i mean one of the greatest decisions i've ever made):

[caption id="attachment_626" align="aligncenter" width="227" caption="YES."][/caption]

i tuned in about halfway through.  and thank god because nothing grabs a viewer's attention more than a bunch of supposed-to-be college students sitting around a pile of burnt corpses trying to stay warm in their hoodies after surviving a plane crash in the himalayas.

i'm not even kidding.

there's your typical in-fighting and weighing the pros and cons of cannibalism.  it was enough to keep to me mildly interested while sorting through my coupons.

that is until a motherfucking YETI showed up.

prior to me tuning in - the yeti had been dragging away the corpses and feasting on them.  but after the token asian character set fire to them the yeti had no choice but to turn on the living people and use them as sustenance.  imagine, much to my viewing pleasure, when the yeti, having been robbed of his food source, turned violent and began to target the survivors.  here's the deal: the survivors were waiting to be rescued and simply had to let whatever mysterious creature that was stealing dead bodies continue to steal dead bodies and they would have been fine.  but the do-gooder asian, taking it upon herself to ensure that the cadavers had a modicum of dignity, unleashed the fury of the yeti when she selfishly lit the bodies on fire.

i don't want to give too much of this stellar flick away.  but here is a list of reasons why i would watch this film again:

  1. the yeti ripped the beating heart out of a ginger

  2. he curb-stomped some bitch

  3. he made off with some chick that used to be in that show popular (i was hoping the yeti would try to mate with her.  no such luck.  he just spooned her.)

    [caption id="attachment_630" align="aligncenter" width="210" caption="REMEMBER!?!!?! she's the one on the right."][/caption]

  4. he squeezed some woman's skull like he was popping a zit and i can only assume her brains exploded

  5. he ripped of some guy's leg off and beat him to death with it

here's a trailer.

i guess what i learned this weekend is that i don't watch enough SciFi channel.  i had to miss an afternoon of Ice Spiders and Snowmageddon because of the second job.  it ruins everything.

but at least i have my own yeti.


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