Friday, June 1

High Five 4 Friday

i think sometimes that i should be more social.
but not face to face.  more like blog to blog.
i stumbled upon this adorable blog that i've spent a shitload of time perusing and decided to link up.
five of my favorite things from this week:
1. this tiny tuft of back-of-the-head-only-hair on baby c.
2. that i ate almost this entire loaf of garlic lovers bread before i banned carbs from my life.
3. the fact that our new pet, bathsheba, has eaten all of the rest of the rest of the fish in the tank.  glutton.
4. that i'm finally getting my ass in gear and making the gym a priority.  how many times do you have to do something before it's a habit?
5. that i've had this song on a constant, repetitive loop since monday and i don't care who knows.

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