Friday, June 15

High Five 4 Friday

ever since i took a sabbatical from the restaurant i have fallen into the typical i'm-so-damn-giddy-because-it's-friday category.  because i don't have to fucking work.  it's crazy.  not working a second job means i can actually do stuff.  or not do stuff.  which, who are we kidding, it's usually the latter in my case. 

but here we are - it's friday and i wouldn't mind a high-fiving strangers i'm so excited.  why you ask?  because of the following delightful link up that i've recently started loving over at from my grey desk.

so here are the things i'm high-fiving.

1. going up north.  it's happening this afternoon.  and it will be filled with nonsense, and books, and wine, and relaxing, and napping and i couldn't be more excited about it.

[caption id="attachment_2031" align="aligncenter" width="453"] i'm well aware that drinking and sharp objects don't typically go well together.[/caption]

2. this fool.  because the minute i get home i am the only thing he is all about.

3. asparagus.  seriously.  i've eating it almost every night this week and it just doesn't get old.  neither does my smelly pee.  because i'm immature and i laugh hysterically every time i urinate.

4. in other green, shrubbery related news - the 1st sprouting of shitler's tomato plants have arrived.

5. game. of. thrones.  because i'm obsessed.  and i have cashed almost all of season one and two in less than a week.  and it's literally all i think about all day.  and when shitler tells me he's going over to his friends i get giddy.  like beyond excited that i can bury myself in the couch in a cocoon of blankets and watch it for the next six hours without any judgement or bitching from shitler.

and in my defense i have learned a lot from game of thrones.
like the fact that the night is dark and filled with terror.
and that if you're the mother of dragons people don't fuck with you.
that eating the heart of a horse makes you strong.
that incest is totally okay.
that the lannisters always pay their debts.
that you can torture someone by putting a rat in a bucket, strapping said buck to someone's chest, lighting the end of the bucket on fire and the rat will eat it's way into your stomach in an effort to escape the heat - thus torturing.
that if shitler and i ever get another boat i'm going to name it "the sea bitch."
and that i'm going to start sending messages via raven because i think it's more dramatic and demands an immediate response (
like from the travel agent that's been dicking me around for the last week.  an email is just so common nowadays but if a raven arrived and pecked at her window with a message she'd be like "this lady means business, i should get back to her.").

and that's that.  although i've been plotting the remainder of my day.  and i'm pretty positive i have time to squeeze in one more episode of game of thrones after i'm done with work and the gym and before we leave for up north.  enduring shitler's wrath is totally worth it.  

because i've learned how to endure wrath from game of thrones.


  1. You had me at sharp objects and booze with asparagus... HAHAHAHA Love it! I am seriously loving your blog.. and you... and the shit you say... yes. You will be my new BFF!

  2. thank you!! i'm on my way to yours!


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