Friday, June 22

High Five 4 Friday

if you're looking for a surefire way to get drunk please drink the following:
  • bota box of wine (it's like a juice box.  only no juice.  only wine)
  • glass of rumchata
  • jager bomb
  • 2 glasses of boxed wine
  • shot of jager
  • a beer
so thank god it's friday.  and i only have to work eight hours today.
here's my link up for lauren's high five 4 friday over at from my grey desk.

1. any glass of red wine.  seriously.
2. this cat.  because he might kill me.
3. 69'ing wedding bears at the $1 store.  they can't help they like to fornicate in public.  and dabble in erotic asphyxiation.  
4. i have no words for my dog.  he is a fucking nut-bag.
5. ladies and gentleman - i have stuck with something for two.whole.weeks.  and oddly enough - it's running.  which is the practically the worst thing in the world.  and if one more person asks me how awesome it is as i get used to it i will cram my fist down your throat.  because i hate it.  i hate every fucking minute of it.
so thank goodness it's the weekend.  what's on the docket?  more miserable running.  joy.

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