Friday, June 8

High Five 4 Friday

and shitler says i only do what i say i'm going to do 3% of the time.  
because this is my second try at this link-up over at from my grey desk and i think that makes me semi-successful.
so here they are:
1. this swing.  oh god, my swing.  where i will read.

2. i got my paws on the newest gillian flynn book.  for the love of everything in the entire world - go read every single book by her right now (which is just the three so it shouldn't be too daunting of a task).

3. i have two more cantaloupes at home.  which i plan on massacring this weekend.
with my mouth.

4. how can you not love him?

5.  that my weekend will be filled with this:

catch you on the flip.
ghost ride the whip.

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