Monday, November 20

oh hai.

hey whores.
long time no post, hey?


i've lost count of how many times i've opened this blog, stared at the blinking cursor for like ten minutes, and then just clicked out of the window to go be a pile of shit in my bed and/or couch.
so what do you blog about when you've just checked out for at least a whole goddamn year?
so i present to you this disjointed, bullet-ed outline i've entitled " things i've been doing lately while avoiding this blog space."
  1. buying into the essential oil life (shitler won't stop calling me a witch doctor)
  2. trying to make sure my cat doesn't eat anymore dental floss (see ginstagram)
    • oh and murphy got some weird growth cut off his paw
    • oh also mac got neutered
    • oh and then mac started licking his dick area to the point it got infected (don't worry he wore the cone for his neuter until he was fully healed but he's ridiculous so just decided to start licking his genitals incessantly) and he had to wear a cone for like two months because if he didn't stop the vet told us the infection could possibly invade his pee hole and that could possibly lead to having to turn our boy dog into a girl dog (OF COURSE)
  3. oh yeahh - we finally got a cat (and he is a glorious, delicious beast and deserves like infinite blog posts dedicated to him)
  4. bought a house
  5. walking looking around said house just marveling at all the shit that needs to be done
  6. shitler cut off his bitchin' man bun (it's in a plastic bag somewhere in our house)
  7. drank a lot of vodka and ate a lot of tacos (nothing new there)
  8. not getting pregnant because it's like gazillion times harder than i ever thought it would be

so ya. that's it.
glancing at the above list makes me feel pathetic because we've done other stuff but none of it is all that interesting. 
so that's for all for now.
see you in like two years when i post again.  JK. maybe.

also here's a picture.
because a post feels naked without a picture.  #huglife

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