if you've manged to get here and stick around then snaps to you.
i wouldn't blame you for leaving though.  so here's your chance.

still here?
ok - let's begin.

just so we're clear - this is a blog.
it's not an encyclopedia, a literary compilation of proven facts, or even all that reliable.
this blog represents the convoluted shit that goes on in my head.
therefore it changes.  erego - take it or leave it.
if i say something stupid - then deal with it.
it will not be the first time, nor the last.

i encourage you to tell me how you feel but there is a chance that i won't care.
if that hurts your feelings then i'm ok with that too.

i ask that while you're here you understand i come from a place of of what i think is biting wit.
and also a place of judgement.  so strap in and let's get it on.
my views do not represent the opinions of my employers, my friends, or my mortal enemies (which i don't think i have any of but i would actually really like one so if you would like to fill the position as my mortal enemy then please apply within).  please note that i swear.  and that i enjoy it very much.  if you don't like that then it's not my fault that you don't have the wherewithal to not act like a petulant child.

this blog aims to semi-entertain you.
in the event that it doesn't - then i'm sorry i'm not sorry.

also - this.

p.s. don't steal my shit.


  1. YESSSS!!!! The Shitler mooning pic!!!!!

  2. Holy shit you are funny. I found you from Whitney's link up today, and I am happy I did!


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