Friday, September 25


happy friday, skanks.
current mood:

and my mood in relation to the title is simple.
i would describe it as cautiously excited.

because like three weeks ago the manager at the restaurant was all "i have a small proposal for you.  if i give you off on friday the 25th and saturday the 26th would you be able to cover a dinner shift on wednesday the 23rd?"  and i was like "DEAL."  and then thought to myself "homeboy really got the short end of that stick/he needs to work on his negotiation skills but whatever props to me."  and then i got even better news when shitler was like "FYI - pier out weekend is the 25th and 26th."  and then i was like "is this real life?  do i have an entire weekend off and shitler gone and out of my hair?"  so naturally i was fucking pumped.  but then also wary.  because so much can go wrong.  and by go wrong i mean me having to leave my couch.  but then i was like "you know what, shannon?  have you learned nothing from kim zolciak-biermann? ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE.
absolutely nothing will get in my way of couch laying, cross stitching, and binge watching shows."

and so with positive vibes put out into the universe i just needed to decide which show to binge watch.  sidenote - i've been keeping a list of which shows i need to start watching/finish watching and i haven't done anything but sometimes go look at the list and nod my head.  i know - very effective.
i figured that the easiest (and most fair) way of deciding on a show would be to pick the show out of a hat.
or in my case - my gym bag.  

i've put together a little how-to guide in case you're unfamiliar with the process.

step 1: write down all choices on scrap of paper.

step 2: put all scraps of paper in some sort of choosing device purgatory bag or hat.

step 3: use your hand and select a scrap of paper from the hat or bag of your choosing.

step 4: be unimpressed with the result.

step 5: keep picking because it's a fun game (and you're super lame) and then make a list of the results.

tudors it is.  and really i just have to finish it (since i made it through like the first three seasons but then got distracted by who knows what) and also because henry the 8th is like mega hot (the hollywood henry, not the historically accurate one) and really i can just drool all over his hotness all weekend without shitler ruining the fantasy for me.

so there's my weekend.  in all its incredibly lazy glory.

have a great weekend.
nobody call me.

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