Wednesday, September 2

the one with all the pictures of dogs

what up, what up, what upppppp.
so those blogloving contests are going on (or at least they were going on like last week sometime when i was attempting to read blogs). they're the ones where you vote about best whatever blog (basically all sorts of categories that yours truly would absolutely never qualify for).  but to be frank - i'm a little offended that i wasn't nominated for categories that should exist.  ones like "least consistent blogger" and "laziest blogger" because let's be honest - we all know that i'm the best at both of those.
but that's neither here nor there.
remember like a month ago when i posted about shitler shooting me with an air soft gun?
oh?  you don't?  ok - refresh your memory and go here.

caught up?  good.
because the night wasn't a total wash.
after i recovered from the excruciating pain (i'm totally over-exaggerating about the excruciating pain. like i definitely don't recommend anyone letting their spouse shoot them in the foot with an air soft gun but i obviously recovered from the trauma in a timely manner). 
back to the night not being a total wash.

because we had a dog photo shoot!  
like any two super cool, married people in their thirties do on a friday night!
^^ that's one type of dog.
but let's get to the cute ones.
here's mac thinking he's being shipped out all by his lonesome and losing his shit.

but don't worry.
we'll ship you both out.

i'm totally kidding (kind of).
they're cutest brothers in town and everyone should know it.

i bet you're noticing that things look a bit different around these parts.
like different in that there's a new post but also that this delicious blog got a face lift.
a face lift inspired by the glorious green bay packers (because it's mother f'ing football season).
you need a blog design?  
you go see my girl - NATALIE.  click here.
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