Tuesday, September 22

bruce {someplace in wisconsin}

so summer happened, hey?
like we all blinked and then all the fucking sudden it was september (which i'm fine with because extreme heat and humidity in wisconsin does not a friend make).  and oddly enough - september is also almost over and i'm all "whaaaaat just happened?"
and what's funny is that we did tons of fun crap all summer long and i literally have like kajillion pictures but i just never got around to sorting through any of them.  until now.  and now i remember why i didn't sort through any of them in the first place.
because i'm now so overwhelmed that i just want to pretend they don't exist and lay on the couch and watch SYTYCD (so you think you can dance - for the noobs that don't know) instead.
but  - the photos are oh so hilarious.

so i will batten down the hatches and be a grown up and try to follow through on this.
there's a lot of things i have pictures of.  the 4th of july.  a street dance.  boating in two cities that start with a "w."  a fantasy draft.  camping.  and the first regular season packer game party (complete with pictures of an adorable baby).

first up.
the bruce street dance (because i don't believe in chronological order).

truth bomb.
shitler's real name isn't shitler.  and no - he's not of the madonna and prince caliber where he just goes with one a name moniker.
i know - you're all shocked, aren't you?  his real name is tom. 
tom lincoln to be specific (and yes exactly like in the movie the island where the guy screams "NO I'M TOM LINCOLN!).  

but anyway.  back to bruce.  as in a city in the wonderful state of wisconsin.  population 750 (approximately because i googled it and that's what was listed as of the last census) and location of the lincoln family yard burn and the bruce street dance.  this year shitler (tom lincoln) and i traveled to bruce for the street dance where the lincoln boys band plays every year.  it was hot, muggy, and just plain wonderful.  shitler happens to have a gigantic family; (and luckily they all love each other a lot and get along famously) so every get-together is basically just one gigantic shitshow - as evidenced in the photos below.

cousins sit on each other's laps, right?  
while partying in parking lots, right?

and sun their blindingly white thighs, right?

abs of f'ing steel on the left there.

grown up cousins hold hands, right?

shenanigans abounded.

with beer, of course.

and of course the band.
the lincoln boys band.

p.s. boys are weird; weird face-licking, nose-picking mother f'ing weirdos.

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