Tuesday, February 14

Shitler Is Breaking My Heart

i need to stop thinking i'm invincible.  i made some poor choices this weekend in regards to food and alcohol and my poor, poor body is currently paying the price.
my back hurts because i spent the majority of my day yesterday hunched over the toilet.  my head is pounding.  and everything i encounter is literally the most annoying thing ever.  people are walking loud and they are talking even louder.  it's crazytown.
and on top of all of that - lincoln is making me give charchar binks the cat back to its original owner because he's a fucking devil-man.
from here on out - he will be referred to as shitler.  in an effort to campaign against his current nazi regime - my friend made some convincing photos that are pretty self-explanatory.
i've decided to occupy the pussy for catgate 2K12.  although i'm not sure if i'm utilizing the concept correctly.  or if that makes me a democrat or a republican.  or if it makes a nazi.  or if this will even work.
i'm sure it won't.  shitler doesn't even care that he's literally ripping my heart out.

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