Wednesday, May 6

a massive dump (not the toilet kind)

ahhhhhhhhhhh wednesday.
it's here and like semi-glorious, right?

i'm sure you'll notice that things are a bit different looking around here.
and by different looking i mean beautiful and spectacular and lovely.
my lady, natalie, over at designstoned
and i love the new design so much that i think i would hump it if i could.
but i won't.  because i don't know really know how to do that and i don't want people witnessing it to think that i'm any weirder than they already think me to be.

here's a brief recap of all the crap i've been doing.
also my one year wedding anniversary was monday.  you can read that post here.

i did a crazy thing and pumped the brakes on all the smut i usually read.
instead i read both of andy cohen's books, tina fey's book, amy poehler's book, and the fox chronicles. and as a result all i want to do is be best friends with andy cohen, skin and wear tina fey, and basically take over amy poehler's life.
real talk - amy poehler's book was one of the best books i have ever read.  and the fox chronicles were awesome.
futuristic and scary and poignant.

cross stitching.  lots of cross stitching.

shitler always gets on me about my "hobbies."  and by hobbies he means things i get fucking pumped for, do for two weeks, and then lose interest in.  joke's on him though.  i've been cross stitching since i was a wee pup and the only thing i'm doing differently this time around is cross stitching super inappropriate things that i can give as gifts and hang around my house and look at and giggle.

p.s. please do provide any and all inappropriate cross stitch patterns you may have.

i know crock pots are nothing new but i think i sometimes forget how wonderful they truly are.  last night i threw a bunch of chicken in with some chicken stock, spicy taco seasoning, and some spicy ranch seasoning packets.  then i crammed it all down my gullet and rejoiced.  i also ate this ridiculously delicious filet for our anniversary dinner.  like it was covered in hollandaise sauce, asparagus, and crab meat kind of delicious.  bully for me, ya'll.

sia's "elastic heart" is my damn jam.  i know it's nothing new but that ish on repeat is heaven on earth.
not to mention ed sheeran's "tenerife sea," "come join the murder" from the sons of anarchy soundtrack, and "fresh blood" from the jinx's opening credits.
here you go for some easy listening.

i've been watching a(n) unhealthily large amount of television lately.
first season of unbreakable kimmy schmidt?  cashed it.
last season of sons of anarchy? done.  killed it (pun intended).
the jinx. whoa.  just so much whoa because that man is a true looney tune/certifiable psychopath.
silicon valley?  not done but seriously obsessed.

and there you have it.  
a recap.  of what i've been doing while not being present here.
because sometimes here is LAME.

but for reals - designstoned for all your blog design needs.


p.s. all header photos belong to unsplash.  i just played with them.

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