Thursday, September 29

Textual Feeling - The Middle Finger

you know you have true friends when you randomly get this:
me: that's mean.  and unexpected.  and uncalled for.  but it made me smile.
b: mean, hardly.  unexpected, I will give you.  uncalled for, quite the opposite.  and that was the point.
me: whatever douche.  not to change the subject but i'd like you to know that my tiny tower is coming along tremendously.  and I need some vodka.
b: i would love some vodka.  and i've done all i can to try and find a tiny demolition services app, but to no avail.
me: i'd kill you before you could even attempt such carnage.
b: you are such a liar.  you could never do such a chore.
me: it's not that i wouldn't aspire to it, it's that my overwhelming laziness would consume me.  that and being distracted by playing tiny tower.
lapse in textual conversation ensues...then resumes.
b: stop reading this and get back to work!
me: this text interrupted me while i was playing tiny tower, fuck you very much.
b: SUCCESS!  fuck you, AND your tiny tower.
and then i was feeling creative - so i made these:

and then after i saw them i felt like andy warhol.  but then i realized i'm not hanging out with edie sedgewick all day and doing interesting things.  and then the reality of the situation hit me and made me feel bad about myself because i just used paint to make those pictures look cool and warhol was a genius and i most certainly am not. 

so now i'm depressed.
and i'm going to play tiny tower.

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