Wednesday, January 7

it's cold

i know that describing the current temperature as "negative bajillion" isn't the technical term but it's what it feels like outside.  and if "negative bajillion" isn't descriptive enough for you here's another way to contemplate the cold.  it's apparently too cold for mac to take the time to shit outside so naturally he just shits on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night.  in his defense - i wouldn't shit outside when it's "negative bajillion" either.

but that's neither here nor there.
it's been cold as balls here in wisconsin.
so cold that shitler ice fished from the house on sunday because it was frigid.
i know this because he and his boyfriends came clambering in and it interrupted the peace and quiet that was me watching season four of game thrones cocooned in my bed.

i managed to take three pictures that day.
they all crack me up.
one where shitler thinks he's a model.
the other where mac begs shitler to "never let go."
and the other where both dogs look remedial.

p.s. it's too cold to do anything.  like at all.

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