Tuesday, January 20

cakes by shitler

you guys.
fun fact.  shitler likes to bake.  
and he gleefully told me (on friday when we were baking) that we should bake more together.  and i was like "um ok?"
and then he was like "we should always bring these to things.  like this is what we should be known for."  and i was like "we should we known for bringing tie-dye cakes that took us like five hours to make?"  and he was like "ya."  and i was all "fine.  i'll be the manager and i'll just oversee your labor."  and then we argued for twenty minutes about the profit margin and how we should split our business and nothing got solved because he refused to accept a 90/10 profit split (obviously me taking 90) and now we're fighting.  not really.  but i'll probably bring it up again at some point just to fight for fighting's sake because duh.

also.  i failed to take a picture of the inside of the cake because i fell asleep.
like a damn loser.

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  1. So I got totally excited to see the inside of Shitlers cake until I got to the end. You fail.

  2. Ummm hey it's almost my birthday if y'all want to send a rainbow cake.


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