Friday, March 13

some things on friday

get down.  get down on friday for realz.
and a friday in which i don't have to sling sushi at the restaurant and instead will be travelling to the north woods is a good friday, indeed.

let's do a quick friday favorites.  or five on friday.

1 // i can't stop listening to this song.

like can't stop to the point that i was in the car with shitler the other night and tried to demonstrate to him what i looked like listening to it on repeat while at the gym on the elliptical and it involved a lot of jerky, uncoordinated movements and he was like "you don't seriously do that the gym, do you?"  and i was all "i'll never tell."

2 // earlier this week a co-worker reached her paws over the wall that separated our cubes and stuck heart-shaped tacks in my cube while quietly whispering "here; these are for you."  it was both weird and left me with a case of the giggles.

3 // if you don't watch trailer park boys then we can't be friends because it was just recently announced that season nine will be available for my viewing pleasure at the end of this month and i can't f'ing wait.

4 // my best friend in the whole entire world had a baby on monday!  she said she's biased and thinks it's the cutest baby in all the land and maybe i'm biased too but i happen to totally agree with her that it is, indeed, the cutest baby ever to grace this good earth.  i would post a picture, but no, you'll just have to take my word for it.

5 // i've mentioned previously that i don't like doing things that i think shitler should be responsible for.  one of said shitler responsibilities is the unclogging of the shower drain.  he routinely blames me and murphy lee (smurf lee sleeps in the bathtub - it's weird - i know) for the amount of hair that clogs the drain and whatever i'll deny it to the day i die that it's solely our faults because have you seen that hairy beast that is shitler?  but i digress.  because on tuesday i had to wash my gym shoes off in the tub (since it's mud season) and it immediately clogged up the drain.  so naturally i texted shitler to apprise him of the clogged drain situation and the following conversation was had:

i would link up with natalie but noooooooo her link up isn't live yet.


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