Monday, April 6

dogs vs. assholes

how does that saying go?
the one about your dog and being a person or something?

that one.

it's weird.
as time goes by and things and people change you can't help but wonder if things were always a certain way or if it's just now that you're starting to notice it?

because it's not just about being the kind of person your dog thinks you are.
sometimes it's about wishing the people you surround yourself with are more like your dogs.
because really dogs are just super excited to see you.  and they want you to spoon them and give them treats and more snuggles and then also throw their sticks for them.  and isn't that basically what we all want out of life (minus the stick throwing; or not - depending on what you're into).  

sometimes shitler gives me a hard time because my favorite thing in the whole world is doing nothing by myself (and by extension my dogs because hello they love me).  but let's be honest - it's because my dogs don't make rude comments about my appearance or behaviors.  frankly if i'm suffering through a particularly bad hangover - mac just licks my face and lays next to me rather than judging and ridiculing me for my poor decision making the night before.  neither dog makes any off color comments about whether it looks like i've packed on a few pounds (they might be thinking it but thankfully they can't verbalize it and really they would just want to go for a walk for their own selfish reasons rather than thinking i needed to shed some LBs).  they don't rip on me for what i enjoy doing or whether or not i'm making the right life choices (at least what others deem are the right life choices).

it's a weird thing.  
it's weird because it's easy for me to champion other people.  and to be upset when others are treated like total shit.  but, i've found, that when it comes to me it's easier to just internalize it and then ruminate on it for weeks on end until i finally get over it and move on.  because really i just try to treat people the way that i would want to be treated.  and i don't think others would like to be told things that are intentionally hurtful.  so truly it's just confusing; that some people enjoy saying things about other individuals that they wouldn't want to hear about themselves.

i don't really have any way to wrap this up.

i like my dogs.  they're not assholes.
maybe that's the moral of the story.  don't be a fucking asshole.

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  1. You're Oprah's gift to the world and anyone who doesn't see that is a waste of space.


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