Friday, March 23

I Don't Think This Was The Jelly Beyonce Was Talking About

and lord knows i wasn't ready for it.
apparently b put these in my purse two or three months ago and i'm just finally discovering that they exploded all over.

that's fine.
even though everything in my purse was covered in a sticky layer of jelly it at least smelled like strawberries.
oh, here's my purse.  and its contents.

contents include, but aren't limited to:
wallet, 2 books, twilight returns movie, re-usable grocery bag thing, pepto, various beverages, headphones, deodorant, tiny satchel thing, 2 kinds of body sprays, 3 chapsticks, sunglasses, loaf of bread, triscuits, new barbell and nose rings, a thousand receipts, birthday card from last year, keys, lotion, jely, 26 cents, my crumpled march madness bracket

oddly enough - no pens.
and no, that printer wasn't in my purse.  although i'm sure it would fit.


  1. I can't seem to get over the fact that you had not one, but two bags inside of a bag. At least I gave you a good reason to clean out that unorganized mess you call a purse.

  2. whatevs yo. i've been cramming triscuits down my gullet and i polished off that sprite. which i'm not quite sure how old it actually is/was.

  3. I LOVE it that you had a loaf of bread in there!!! I hate it when jelly gets all over the stuff inside my purse.

  4. Is that Pepto on your desk? And I see a HUGE mother fucking picture of your dog. You are the shit in my book!


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