Wednesday, March 14

Don't Be Alarmed If I Eat This Baby

seriously.  if undeniable cuteness makes you nauseous.  if adorable, tiny babies don't warm your dead heart - then something is seriously fucking wrong with you and you should probably not scroll through the pictures of the womb creature that my friend just popped out of her vag.
this baby is so goddamned cute it took everything in me not to devour her whole.  
she is simply delicious.  and if i could - i would have huffed her baby smell all fucking day (which always confuses me how they smell so good.  considering they've been in that sac of gross fluid for nine months and came through a bloody canal).
yes - that explosion of cuteness just fucking happened.
mamma and sommer elizabeth

but that's how they get you.  they're all sweet and quiet and then they drop loads of shit in their diaper and the vomiting and the crying and not being able to do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it because now you're actually responsible for another person's life.
so i just have him:
all mange, all the time.

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