Monday, March 5

the night shitler tried to cripple me

there is never a dull moment whenever shitler is around.  drunk or sober or asleep.
the 3rd of march was his 28th birthday.
here is a photo prior to our departure from the bar:
here is a list of shit he muttered/slash thought i cared to hear:
  • alabaster gray
  • springtime fluff
  • wintertime cherishness
  • remember your graduation tassel?  i feel like the end of a tassel.  i feel so fluffy.
  • can i bite your titsies?
  • your tits are butt-tastic
  • remember shel silverstein?
  • it's like a superman gift box inside of a space shuttle.
  • i want to go bed.  i don't like this anymore.
  • fucking shel silverstein.
  • i could randomly state crazy things that you could write?
  • you're writing this too?  goddamnit.
then an hour after this - he flailed in his sleep and cracked me in the spine.
then shouted obscenities.
like i said - never a dull moment.

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  1. what the fuck does BALLS have to do with this? It's right there in your labels.

    and shitler is da man. tell him I said so.


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