Thursday, August 23

So Maybe We Could Band Together To Fight Crime. And By Crime I Mean The Fat In My Ass

so remember that one time i worked out all the time?
or that other time where i ate super healthy?
OR that insane time that i stopped drinking?

oh, and remember when i put them all together and did that crazy thing where i tried to basically live a not-so-toxic life?

well i fell off the wagon.  because now my life revolves around stuff like this:


drippy, ecto cooloer looking motherfucker

so i should probably do something about it.
and i should probably stop polishing off jars of pickles in my friend's homes.
and maybe i should stop laying on the couch so much.
or eating 6 bomb pops in one sitting.
or thinking that i should use that terrible sugary lemonade from the local gas station as vodka mixer.
OR day-dreaming about carbs and starch all day.

i guess what i'm saying is that i need to stop being such a damn pile of garbage.

so here goes nothing.again.

PS. i thought this was funny.  but instead of water - maybe it's vodka (which is the very thing that isn't helping my fat ass).


  1. You know there is a place I used to frequent in my younger days that had bomb pop shots with all the pretty layers of alcohol separated. I used to love them. Like 5 a night love them. I think you would enjoy them. That's all.

  2. LMAO you crack me up!

    and you're right about the no-reply, but that's okay cos i know how to get a hold of you :)

  3. ok - i'm totally going to try something. stay tuned. let me know if it works...

  4. no it didn't work! hahaha but that's okay! I can still find you! :)


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