Tuesday, August 7

Twitter Book Club For Two. But It Could Be For More - If You Wanted

i don't have a ton of self-control when it comes to things that i'm obsessed with.
case in point - books that i could devour in one hour if left to my own devices.
i'm talking i can't even have them on my desk at work because i tend to just steal glances at them throughout the day and secretly long to hide under my desk with a flashlight so i can just fucking finish it.
so i got my paws on a chuck palahniuk book - invisible monsters
it's so, so supremely fucked.
so fucked, in fact, that i immediately banged through a hundred pages and then constantly tweeted about it and then thought that maybe a twitter book club that had two members would be a good idea so i asked sammantha and if we were face-to-face for that conversation i feel confident saying that she would have scoffed at me for even asking because it's a no fucking brainer that she'd be on board.
so here were are - in a twitter book club for two.
and i love it.
love it so much that i do photo shoots with my book.  
like a freak.

so you should read it too.
join us in our twitter book club.
find me @itgotweird and sammanatha @sammanthamae
we've only just begun.


  1. Seriously, I have a blog post in progress for this book. I can't wait to finish it. I get a boner just thinking about reading it again. Kind of like sex.

  2. yes - perfect. i was thwarted each and every time i tried to read last night. like getting cock blocked.

  3. I would like very much to join.


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