Friday, August 24

High Five 4 Friday

i would like to announce that it's fucking friday.
fucking finally.

let's link up with lauren at from my grey desk.

1. we've had new neighbors for awhile now.  and they're legit.  but i must be honest when i say that their daughter is the best part of this whole neighbor thing.

2.  yup. got my instagram pictures printed. well, some of them.  i think shitler would kill me if i got all 600+ printed.  let the framing begin.

3. i made some pillowcases. i might be the only one excited about that.

4. my friend pointed out that it looks like my dog is wearing eye liner.  now i can't stop staring at his eye liner.  like all the fucking time.

5. my friend gave me a book.  i love books.  i love books with love notes written in them more.

i don't have much else to say.  except it's one of those mornings where i started eating pasta salad at 8AM.


  1. 1. That little girl is soooo cute!
    2. I need to print some of mine too
    3. I can't wait for my pillow case!!
    4. What brand does he use? I need a good one...
    5. I like books too :)

    And I had a bagel... hehe

  2. can I have your neighbor daughter?! She's just ADORABLE.

    Oh, and send some pasta my way ;)

  3. @natalie - i just want to cram carbs down my throat. like a whole loaf of bread.

    @kailyn - will do. i can't guarantee that it will keep...

  4. Dude, respond in EMAIL!!

  5. her eyes are gorgeous!

    Hope you had a great Sunday! Drop by and say hello!


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