Friday, May 23

doing things makes me tired

i had every intention of writing something worthwhile today.
maybe even something with nice pictures even.

BUT then i got sucked into still trying to recuperate after getting back from mexico (and yes i know that was over a week ago).  but being that i got back late last wednesday night and then worked the two following days at my day job, then had the pleasure of being scheduled a closing shift at the restaurant (of which i didn't arrive home till almost 1AM), and then had to be up at 5AM the following morning and at my parents by 7AM so we could drive 45 minutes to my littlest brother's college commencement (where a stranger touched me and i wanted to scream STRANGER DANGER! MOM HELP ME!), and then had to hightail it the fuck out of that town and speed back home to change and shower my dogs with a brief moment of attention, and get my ass to a wedding with a replacement shitler.  which, in retrospect, is like way better because i totally like replacement shitler a lot more than actual shitler.
replacement shitler is also shitler's cousin
so naturally when it was gorgeous out on sunday here in wisconsin and every single person was ZOMG'ing about the sunshine i was holed up in my house with the curtains drawn, rocking back and forth, and muttering nonsense to myself.  kidding.  i was obsessing over season one of the americans and frantically trying to devour the vampire academy series (three cheers for young adult books that make me feel like i'm thirteen years old again).  and then i passed out at 8PM because i had to be up and on my way to chicago at the butt crack of dawn for a tradeshow.  but it was a tradeshow i literally just ate my way through.

so here we are.  it's like a slight recap of everything i wish i really hadn't been doing but was doing out of obligation but also some stuff i actually wanted to do.  does that make sense?  no?  whatever.

there are other stories that i would like to tell you.  like the time i probably for sure watched a dead man get dragged out of the ocean, and maybe also a story about a drunk-ish bridesmaid, and maybe also about a wedding photographer that spoke no english.

but in the meantime i figured i should take this blindingly white ass of mine (because unfortunately there was no nude beach in which to tan that sucker in while we were in mexico) and link up with whit.  for like old time's sake.

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