Monday, September 30

why don't i photograph weddings for a living?

i should have done this thing where i got an early start on the gazillion pictures i have from the wedding we went to this weekend.  but like "hi my name is shannon and procrastination is my thing and also laziness."  and mainly when i started going through all the pictures i realized the immense undertaking it was and also i couldn't stop laughing which led to coughing which led to me wanting to lay on the couch and rest.  and by rest i mean watch hours of revenge and compulsively check my fantasy football leagues.

but i digress.  because the task at hand is far more important than my yammering on about how useless i am.
so shitler's gorge-ina cousin got married this weekend.
ms. cassandra jo was like BEYOND pretty and i thought about punching her in her stupid pretty face on more than one occasion but like blue and purple totally weren't her wedding colors so i refrained.

so basically what's going to happen is that i'm going to cram all these photos down your throat while intermittently talking about them.  
and this is just installment one.  with the camera that takes all the nice photos but these people manage to make everything look un-nice in the best possible way.


naturally there's always just a lot of general debauchery that goes on whenever there's a shitler-side-of-the-wedding that happens.

things escalated when shitler decided it was time for that pesky long-sleeved shirt to come off. 

and then shitler decided it was time to channel a serial killer.

and then obviously the groom/bride and her brother danced their faces off.

but shitler was not to be about to be out-done.

i'm thinking of starting my own business.
one in which you hire me to capture all the nonsense at your wedding and then like you can also hire shitler to behave like a raving lunatic/dance machine at your reception.
because who really wants the "beautiful" moments when you can have the most ridiculous ones?
we'd be unstoppable.

call us.

p.s. linking up sami.  and whatever there aren't a lot of words.
p.p.s.  blow me.

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  1. haha..I love all of those last of shitler.. .great moments!

  2. any post that ends in blow me instantly wins for best post on a Monday.

  3. I can't even begin to imagine the classic moments that will be caught when Shitler is the groom. I'm laughing just thinking about it.

  4. I would totally hire you, and shitler can dance and be the random drunk guy at my wedding!! Haha!

  5. Haha this is hilarious. I full support Shitler's outfit of choice. Well done sir, well done.

  6. I'll blow you so hard. Consider yourselves hired for my non-wedding celebration. There will be no churches and no white, just an open bar and Shitler dancing
    his ass off.

  7. I'm already married, but it might be worth getting re-married to hire you both.

  8. so he doesn't deem weddings enough reason to shave that shit off his face and look like a normal human being that doesn't lure innocent children to his creepy stalker van?

  9. i think you could actually do this. like i wish i was kidding.

  10. omg i'm dying. this is hilarious. when can you and shitler come over to play?

    p.s. i miss youuuuuu.

  11. These are too funny. I love jack-assery at weddings. Sometimes I am the one doing the assery. Looks like you all had fun. The Bride is just beautiful. Congrats to them.

  12. is that Obama on Shitlers shirt? Dude. I want one.

  13. Ripping up current photographer contract immediately! You're hired!


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