Friday, September 6

it's only a matter of time before shitler destroys me

i'll get to that title.

but in the meantime.
eight hours.
that's the only thing that stands between me and getting my camp on.
it's that time of the year again - our 5th annual pinewoods camping celebration.  where we destroy the natural landscape of our camp site, drink our faces off, and generally behave like animals.
here's a quick collage of years past to give you a general idea.
and yes - that's shitler with a chain saw.  and also the bonging of the boxed wine.

so ya - work can blow me because it's the very last thing in the world i want to even think about right now.
i say that not only because of the camping but also because i did alcohol shopping last night and it's all still in the back of my truck so it's hard to overcome the temptation that i know is waiting for me out in the parking lot.

i bet the entire blog universe is going to be dominated by all things football and i'm going to mention it below so feel free to click out now but to warn you i have a delightful meme at the very end of this post so you might just want to buck up, endure the football talk, and then get rewarded with the meme.

fantasy football + NFL redzone = one happy kitten.  and that kitten is me.  and also shitler.
basically you don't bother the shitler household on a sunday.  like you can come over and drink with us but like shut your goddamn mouth and don't even ask to change the channel to watch some other game in its entirety you idiot.  #QUADBOX and also i love scott hanson.  but ok the point of this is that shitler and i participate in a fantasy league together every year with a bunch of our other degenerate friends called the "pool of tears" and basically shitler has won every single year.  he's a fantasy monster and i think if it were possible to actually live off of fantasy football related things he would.  i'm not even kidding.  he scooped up sproles before anyone actually knew who the fuck sproles was and he laughs his way to the championship each year because he just knows his shit and whenever the week comes that i have to play i pray to the fantasy football gods that his first pick quarterback is on a bye and he won't spank me too much.
this is what shitler did to his opponent last night (and thankfully it wasn't me).
and naturally since it's friday and i'm actually posting i'm going to link up with whit.
and this song because it's our camping theme song because we sing it like a bunch of drunk hyenas and be all "WE 'GON RUN PINEWOODS TONIGHT."
AND i'm also going to do the damn thing with sarah because i mentioned fantasy football and how i am a fan of it so basically that qualifies.


catch you on the flip.  ghost ride the whip.
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  1. Damn Shitler. Get it.

  2. Wine beer bong????????? What? I'm hungover just thinking about that.

    Can Shitler please come manage my roster??

  3. Shitler's makeshift racerback tank is what will get me through this workday. Thanks

  4. Wine bong? I need in on this!! Go shitler for football - the hubby was so excited he also has manning on his team! Have a great camping weekend.. cant wait to read this years wild adventures!

  5. I have a Sproles chargers jersey. I still wear it because, well YOLO and also I can't afford a new one.


  6. i can't decide if i love you or shitler more. i am pretty sure it is you but that chainsaw pic is pretty incredible.

  7. You are too much. I love the camping pictures, evidence of a great time. I nominated you for two awards. It's my way of showing my love for my fav bloggers. Stop in and get the details.


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