Thursday, September 26

what i like about me

this post just contains some things that happened to be swimming in my brain.

last night shitler was all "you're so mean to me.  stop being so mean to me."  and i was all "blow me douchebag."
and then he was like "see!  that right there."  and then i'm all "god!  stop being such a pussy."
and this whole "i have to be nicer thing" coming from the guy that i had this conversation with the other day:

so anyway - i wouldn't call myself moody.
i think i'm just extremely in touch with my feelings (and not in a lame way).
mainly i just know when it will be beneficial for people to be around me and also when it won't be in someone's best interest to speak to me.  

which brings me to three lessons everyone should know about me:
  1. i'm going to love you on my terms.
  2. i'm going to talk to you on my terms
  3. i'm going to hang out with you on my terms.
and for the most part shitler is the one that understands all of that about me the best.  as in - he doesn't make plans with people without checking to see how lazy i am on that particular day and/or what type of insane mood i'm in where i perhaps don't even want people laying eyes on me.  

so it works.  except on the days he tries to make outrageous demands wherein i have to be nicer to him.
because it's not going to happen.

shannon & the shit circa 2008.
quote a la nietzsche.
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  1. You are a crazy bitch and I adore you ON MY TERMS.

    1. tiff is pretty much the best. but i'm also pretty much her biggest fan. in like the creepiest way.

  2. I feel like you got a little deep on this one.
    You know I like it deep.

  3. Love this. I think Shitler needs to get his act together...

  4. Haha you are too funny! I love this:)

  5. Who ate you bowl of sunshine this morning, thundercloud?! Just kidding love it! I love how he ended his text with if he had beer?!

  6. Dude... this post. Is just.... ME! K is always telling me to be nicer and that I'm "acting nasty". When he says this is ONLY causes me to laugh. Or when he says something that is supposed to be uber seriously and I'm practically pissing my pants with laughter? Yeah, he hates that.

  7. and then i'm all "god! stop being such a pussy."

    i lost it there. i choked on my own goddamn laughter.

  8. I am a "my terms" person too. Shitler needs to have a pull himself together.

  9. I see no problem with your attitude. Shitler needs to grow a pair.

    A boyfriend used to get so mad at me because I was so sarcastic and I didn't know how to stop so we broke up googbyetheenddon'tcallme.

  10. See, I'm not the only one. As soon as I walked in the house earlier he was like "are you gonna be nice to me today? you've been mean for 2 days".
    So I gave him the look.
    And he made his way to the car to get said groceries.

  11. John can't be trusted to buy toilet paper, it's never the right kind.
    Anyway, I don't think you need to be nicer. I like mean Shannon. And you aren't really that mean, ask Shitler if he needs me to buy him some big boy pants.

  12. Two things.
    1. Update to ios7.. just do it (that's what she said)
    2. "and for the most part shitler is the one that understands all of that about me the best." I think this was your attempt to say "He's the only Shitler I'll ever love for all my life and thats why we are getting married"

    T. Swifty out

  13. You are just like my cat! And I am really glad to see that I'm not the only one who is like this (especially the checking in with how lazy or weird I am feeling before making plans).


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