Friday, October 24

make room for me on the bandwagon!

can we talk about the pedometer craze?
i never really understood it.  like cool.  it counts your steps.  HOW INTERESTING.

but then my friend had a brand new fitbit one straight out of the unopened box that she was selling for fifty doll hairs and i couldn't not get it from her.  and once i had it in my grubby paws it was like a revelation and i totally one hundred percent understood what the big fucking deal was.  it's impossible to not obsess over all the steps you're taking, all the flights of stairs you're going up, and whether or not you're having any active minutes.  and then you can challenge people and the competition aspect brings out the absolute worst cut throat attitude and you're constantly just making extra trips to do any and all of the most small and menial tasks just to get yourself more steps.  and then you get badges, which are meaningless really, but make you feel special.  like "YES the twenty-five flights of stairs in a day badge?!" go me!  so that's what my life has come down to.  constantly monitoring my activity during the day and then also studying my sleep habits.  and speaking of sleep study i'm going to get hammered drunk one of the nights this weekend and then review whether i'm restless or not during a passed out drunk stupor like i'm restless during my week night sober sleeps.

so if you want to be fitbit friends let's please be fitbit friends because then i can have one more person to obsessively try to out step every day.

and also i just went to the bathroom and giggled when i looked at my underwear.  
i forgot they had top hats on them.  cheers.

p.s. what kind of underwear are you wearing today?

p.p.s. this is quite possibly my favorite picture of all time.  you're welcome.

p.p.p.s.  i'm still going to do that smut link up.  i swear.  maybe you don't care. but i'm thinking november.  let's discuss more about it on monday.

p.p.p.p.s. i think i'm doing the multiple p.s. thing wrong but i don't feel like googling it.

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  1. Dude that's the cat from Sabrina the teenage witch. I LOVED THAT SHOW!

  2. my boss also sold her unopened fitbit. I've always considered getting one, but I'm afraid to look my laziness in the face. And Salem is my man! Sabrina was my favorite show all through middle school! :D

  3. I'm wearing my wedding night underwear, cause Fridays are for being SLUTTY. Except that Taylor is gone. So I'm the lonely kind of slutty, which is really the best kind.

    1. i never even thought about lonely slutty and now i think i'm going to only be that kind of slutty so thank you.

  4. Omg that picture... I almost just ordered the adios pantalones shirt from

    I actually used the word in my post today too.

    The word is stalking me.

  5. I want a Fitbit so bad but I can't spend that money right now. Sad face.

    P.s. I'm not wearing any patalones. because I'm being slutty today. And I hate them

  6. PS. Can I just start with a PS? Or do I have to say something first?

    PPS. I've always thought I would like to try one of those fitbits... but I sit at my desk all day so it would probably just depress me.

    PPPS. We need to get your q&a live on my blog one of these days... I will send you q's this week. Let's shoot for next thursday?

    PPPPS. Chloe sends her love.

  7. I have a polar watch- which is similar (okay not as cool at all) to a fit bit except you have to wear a heart rate monitor and I alway want to wear it out one night to see how many calories I burn dancing/running in a drunken stupor from my friends haha :) Cheers!

    1. ummm can you please report back with your findings?!


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