Friday, October 21

Textual Feeling: A Reprisal of Proper Gender Roles

I'm still sick. 

I feel no better and no worse (which I'll chalk up to a small victory).  I think the worst thing about being sick with this cold thing is the state of perpetual confusion I'm living in.  Anything I do takes three times as long to do and I just plain don't know what the fuck is going on. 

To top things off - I decided it was appropriate to drink last night (which at the time seemed like a great idea and my face hurt a lot less what with the cocktail of meds and drinks).  But this morning I can't determine whether this terrible state I'm in is due to a hangover or this fucking cold.

So I made this poll:

[polldaddy poll=5603214]

But I digress.  I found this conversation between B and myself and I laughed.  Which then turned into a sneezing fit which led to hacking my brains out.  Enjoy.

B: What are you guys doing for the games today?

Me: Sitting at home.  Come over.  I'm going to make Angry Bird cupcakes.

B: While Lincoln and I watch football?

Me: Maybe.

B: Women in the kitchen cooking while the men watch football.  It's the American way.

Me: Go fuck yourself.

B: Blow me.

Me: I don't want anything to do with your ornery dick.

B: I'm going to punch you in the twat.

Me: Likely story.

B: We shall see.

In totally unrelated news, check out this picture of a cat in a trash can:

[caption id="attachment_414" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="Sir Charlie"][/caption]

I know this a screen shot of a video.  But the state I was in last night when I took the video was a hazy one.  One where you're trying to take a picture and you realize you're on video and you're like "fuck!" 

And I'm far to lazy to crop anything.

So deal.

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