Friday, October 7

Textual Feeling: Oral Fixation

i was playing on my iPhone last night and stumbled upon 69-cent downloads on the iTunes.  not.good.  
not only did i feel like i was getting a great deal on these tunes but i absolutely love buying things on my iPhone.  it's like the products you're selecting for purchase hop/jump into your cart (or whatever that's called on the iPhone).
i made a  playlist that i've been listening to on a loop this morning at work.  it's good shit.  it consists of the following:
1. icky thump by the white stripes
2. what about love by heart
3. hold the line by toto
4. celebrity by twista

dance party at my desk.

anyway, i was perusing the texts between b and me and found the following:
me: every time i burp i taste vodka.  snd bad choices.
b: what the hell were you putting in your mouth after the bar last night?
me: nothing out of the ordinary.
b: oh, yeah, cuz THAT really narrows it down.
me: what are you trying to say?
b: i'm saying that still could be anything.
me: it's not like i'm a toddler.
b: who are you trying to fool?
me: everyone.
b: well, you can't fool me.  i'm better than that.

like twista would say, "don't ever let a brotha pimp you."

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