Monday, October 3

All The Single Ladies

so i thought i would share a little about shitler and his obsession with all things fantasy football.  last season it annoyed the shit out of me, considering that's all he ever talked about and you could gauge his mood at any given time on whether his team was winning or losing. 
but this season, i got sucked in.  and now i'm just as big of loser and i'm almost positive some of my friends would rather not talk to me then hear me rant about how michael vick is fucking me (which should probably be saved for a completely different post).
anyway, i discovered over the weekend that shitler accepted a bet (it's like he can't not accept it) from the commissioner of one of the four different leagues he's in (he's definitely the bigger loser out of the two of us).
the bet: the loser this week has to do beyonce's "all the single ladies" dance, tape it, and post it for all the world to see. 
i've never wanted shitler to lose more.  i offered to, of course, style and shoot the video but he just got nasty and told me to go fuck myself.  that's fine - i don't like to loser either.  and I especially don't like that goddamn song.  but i will love the shit out of that song when shitler is dancing around to it.
below are a few pictures from sunday football:
i won't know the outcome of this epic battle until after tonight's game but i certainly hope it's a nail-biter and i certainly hope shitler loses. 

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