Tuesday, April 10

Instead of Blood - Snot Runs Through My Veins

i slumbered from 8pm last night to about 6:20am this morning.  i don't think i woke up once.  or maybe i did slightly when lincoln came to bed and tried to get me to stop sleeping like a starfish.

this morning there was a struggle to open my eyes due to the fact that they were crusted fucking shut.  then all i could think about was how maybe, when i was starfish sleeping with my mouth hanging open, that all the snot/boogers that were in my nose area slowly made their way down/up to my eyes and the crusted nonsense was really my eyes leaking the boogers from my nose.  i think it's very possible.  and also gross.

also - i learned 51 new christian friendly ways to refer to my vagina.
thank you foy.  
so in the spirit of vaginas i thought i would share that my blood sewer (#36) is at it again.  so i had to bring these:

i also had a bunch of shit to bring to work with me today so i crammed a bunch of it into the tampon box and pretended it was another purse.

[caption id="attachment_1516" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="yes, that's cheese."][/caption]

here's the link for christian terms for vagina.  my personal favorites are 9, 12, 20, 36, 43, or 45 or bullet wound, harpy nest, frothy creek, blood sewer, rank weasel, or front business.

also - this makes me smile.
but seriously - stop the abuse.

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