Friday, April 6

Throbbing. And Not In The Good Way.

update: remember when i cut myself on the sink?

well, great news.  i dug glass out of the sink the other day - so i don't feel quite so stupid.

but this morning is another story.  

there's nothing better than being woken up due to the fact that you have somehow thrashed in your sleep and cracked the back of your skull on the corner of your bedside table.  

even better?  
it hurts so bad that you start sleepily crying and then your significant other blindly extends his hand and pats you on the head (where it happens to fucking hurt) and slurs ok, "y'ok?"  and then rolls back over.  thank you shitler, thank you.

then, you're so delirious from sleep and pain that you convince yourself that you probably have a concussion and you've seen way too many movies and decide that there's no way you should go back to sleep because if you do - you'll probably die.  but you do fall back asleep, for like fifteen minutes.  and when you wake up, you somehow have a cold.  and a massive headache due to the blunt force trauma to your head.  so your morning consists of this:

and then you discover, upon attempting to brush your teeth, that your dog has done this:

[caption id="attachment_1490" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="it's like a fucking shiv."][/caption]

and the drive to work is painful, because you're convinced that the sun is trying to kill you and you have to wear two sets of sunglasses to just to make the trek somewhat tolerable.  but then you're at work.  and everyone is loud.  and your head throbs.  and then you realize it's good friday.  the day people acknowledge that jesus was crucified and died on the cross.  and you kind of wish that you were dead.  but you're not.  you're just quietly suffering.  until you find these pictures:

but then you realize it's only noon.  and you have ten to twelve hours worth of work left.

happy good friday assholes.

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