Friday, June 29

High Five 4 Friday

zang zadam.
heyyyyyy friday.  i'm so glad you're here.  like, seriously glad.  because it's been awhile and i hate when we go this long without seeing each other.
so here's my link up with lauren over at from my grey desk.
1. foy gave me this wine stopper for my birthday (which was back in my may and i'm just getting it now because we went an eternity without seeing each other).  i'm pretty pumped.
except it's forced me to not ingest a bottle in one sitting so that i can actually use the wine stopper.

2. the game of thrones series, in all of its entirety, will be the death of me.  i don't have the show till february so i have been obsessively reading the books.  obsessively in such a way that it feels like real life gets in the way.  and by real life i mean work, and shitler, and showering.

3. shitler is a clever fox.  i'll give him that.  i never did get sgt. bilko for my birthday.that is until this week.  when he found it on hbo, recorded it, and declared that this counts as getting me sgt bilko for my birthday.

4. artichokes and asparagus in mass amounts.  let the love affair continue.  i can't stop eating them.  i made these cheesy artichoke squares this week and i've been eating them everyday.  not to mention my asparagus pee is a testament to my maturity because i seriously laugh at my smelly pee every time i urinate.

5.  i'm sorry if water and sunsets are getting redundant.
but i love them.
a lot.
so fucking deal with it.

and we're off.  time to hit the ground running.  and by that - i mean avoid making plans with anyone so i can just read a storm of swords all weekend.

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