Monday, June 4

Sweet Solitude

first things first.
for the last month - murphy lee has smelled terrible.  so terrible that shitler took to calling him "dump dog."
so this happened:
and someone wasn't happy:
especially because this fucker kept swimming around like he wasn't next:
but that is neither here nor there.  because i have fantastic news for myself.
this weekend will be the second weekend of my sabbatical from the restaurant and shitler will be out of town.
i've compiled a list of things i will be doing, making, and eating
why not.
find a pile of these.
something that shitler would not approve of.
watch this.
the odds of me getting all of those done is highly unlikely.  but a girl can dream, right?
i'm sure my weekend will be comprised mainly of drinking wine and watching movies that shitler mercilessly makes fun of me for wanting to see.
like underworld.
the latest one.  
which oddly enough will just depress me.  since i'll be stuffing dessert stuffs in my face and watching kate beckinsale prance around in tight leather.  now i can't focus because i'm too overcome with excitement.  and anticipation of kate in leather.   we'll see how this weekend pans out.  
i don't see it being anything short of glorious.


  1. murphy lee seemed to be an adorable dog. Cheers for this post! :)

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  2. thanks alyssa.

    he is pretty badass. and now he doesn't smell like a dump.

  3. Ummm i really want to make that sweet lace designed chair! I'm in! Lets do it!


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