Wednesday, June 20

Textual Feeling: Underpants Optional

if anyone wondered how long it took me to get to the gym from my place of employment, don't worry, i timed myself today.  it takes me 3 1/3 "call me maybe" songs.

also, this happened today:
me: uhhh.  i got to work and realized i forgot to put on underwear.  so shitler has agreed to bring me a pair later.
b: what a sweetheart.  who forgets underwear?
me: sometimes i get confused in the morning.
b: it would appear so.
me: i just want some underpants before i go to the gym.  i'm worried i'll chafe without them.
b: nobody likes chafing.
**five hours later**
me: i just got my underwear.
b: wow.  did he have to make it for you first?
me: i could only imagine if i got a pair he made.  it would be constructed out of some sort of burlap.
me: also, he pulled up in visitor parking which faces right into the conference room.  and instead of just handing me the underwear like a normal person he insisted on whipping them around in the air like some sort of lasso.  mind you - there was a meeting going on in the conference room at the time.  so i can only assume they were all privy to the show.
b: well, at least they had an entertaining meeting.
i picture this is how murphy lee would look reminding  me to put some damn underwear on in the morning:


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