Wednesday, December 11

i like to win the good things

so lots of times i see bloggers talking about how much they love the blog world and then like all the reasons why and for me most of those reasons are uber cheesy because they're all "ZOMG SO MUCH SUPPORT AND POSITIVITY" and i'm just over here ruminating in a hate stew at all the things.

but sometimes you go to the twat (twitter for those that don't know) and tweet something like "hey i'm at the bookstore and someone should probably go ahead and tell me what book i should read next."  and then you get a response that changes your life because someone suggests the fault in our stars.  but then that same person is there the next time you need a book suggestion.  and then even though you already went and did as they gently suggested and read eleanor & park they still remember you when they decide to do a blog giveaway that consists of books, and dvds, and music, and gift cards for books and they give you a heads up.  but then even better because like all your dreams come true and you win said giveaway.

so may i just introduce jenn from quirky pickings and LOOK IT'S XMAS EARLY.

but seriously jenn is THE best and has THE best giveaways.  in fact - she has one going on right now
so you should probably head over there and enter.  because i'm fixing to win again.


p.s. i didn't win dog doppelgangers.  just thought i should clear that up.
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  1. The dog would have been the best prize. ;)

  2. That's probably the best giveaway winnings ever. Nice work.

  3. That looks like an awesome giveaways! Love reading. The Family Stone is one of my favorite movies especially this time of year!

  4. I absolutely loved The Language of Flowers! One of my favorite books ever. I've gifted it several times!

  5. I just want to cuddle your dogs. As long as they don't have rockets going on. Can you make this happen like yesterday.

  6. Congrats on winning! That's awesome! And I am kind of obsessed with your dogs. Just a little. (a lot)

  7. Family Stone. hands down best christmas movie ever.

  8. I asked for "The Fault in Our Stars" for Christmas!! Also The Family Stone >>

  9. Dang, you made out like a bandit! I need to check out Fault in our Stars. I keep meaning to but forgetting! I also want to check out The Book Thief... been hearing amazing things about it. Right now I'm reading The Count of Monte Cristo again... good lord I'm a dork. :)

  10. Congrats on your win! I need to start reading "real" books again. And by real I mean not some vampire series and not a Mary Higgins Clark book. God I am so lame. All my love to Mac!

    1. Just realized that's minorly, or majorly, weird how I ended that. Look, I think your dog rules - what of it!?


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