Friday, December 27

three cheers for the holidays almost being over

is anyone even out there?
i mean - it wouldn't shock me if not a soul was reading this.
i wouldn't read it if i were you.  and mainly because of lack of content and also because if i could be anywhere right now it would be cocooned in my bed watching burlesque.
but instead i'm here listening to the burlesque soundtrack instead.  because i'm a loser.
and mainly i'm exhausted.  because of holiday shit and also work.  and also extra restaurant work which is an entire post in and of itself.

mainly i wanted to come here and ramble a bit.  because somehow allergies have hijacked my face and also because santa brought me my period for xmas and i sneezed through my tampon this morning on my to work and GIRLS YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.  and yesterday when i was at target losing my shit over all the sales i blacked out and bought way more stuff than i should have, then forgot to pick up dinner, and then after i picked up the 189 photos i had printed at walgreens the side of the box collapsed and spilled all 189 photos all over the wet, decembery (just made that up) walgreens parking lot.  so i guess i don't really know what's going on.  except that the stuff i bought is literally the most adorable stuff ever.  please see below.

but xmas, hey?  because we did some celebrating pre-christmas.  with people that we don't get to see all the time on account of the fact that they live in minnesota (lame).

and then for actual xmas i just hung out with a bunch of babies.  ADORABLE ONES.

i don't even know.
and if you follow me on the gram then you've probably gotten real, real sick of the little E overload but i don't even care what you think because if you don't think she's adorable and you don't want to help me kidnap her then you're a terrorist.  

p.s. i only got to enjoy an hour of my family's xmas because i had to work at the restaurant.  i know - feel sorry for me.  but here's the post from my family's xmas last year.  it's about the same every year.  lots of dubstep, gangsta rap, and shenanigans.

and this is just my most favorite xmas related photo ever that you wouldn't know was even xmas related.

oh and also this one.  noobs.

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  1. "sneezed through my tampon" bahahahahaha!

    but I'm sorry about working on Christmas.. I usually have to do the same shit so I totally feel your pain.

  2. I saw that eye patch baby headband pic the other day on IG and about lost my shit. It's still hilarious:)

  3. Those Cheers glasses are awesome- almost bought them myself but then I remembered my card had been confiscated for prior overspending. Sorry you had to work :(

  4. Santa brought me the same thing for xmas... fucking jerk.
    and the sneezing... I cringe every time!

  5. Yeah, I got my fucking period on Christmas Day as well. Goddammit. Funny thing, I was out buying tampons today and staring at the Wall of Tampons and suddenly remembered your Kotex post and decided to give them a whirl. Is that some creepy shit or what?
    I am sorry about the work shit. I had to work on Christmas Eve and so only got a bit of time with my side of the family, also. I HATE! people who shop/eat/require customer service on Christmas. Fuckers.

  6. You got your PERIOD for Christmas?! Shit son. That's the one thing worse than getting coal. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO WRONG THIS YEAR?!

  7. Working on Christmas...hate!!!

    Menses is one of the worst gifts to get on Christmas.

  8. I'm getting my period for New Year's. so that's like just as shitty, right?

  9. Those cheers glasses are adorable. Stinks you had to work on Christmas! The sneezing part is too funny, been there before!

  10. I love those cheers glasses! I got the taller ones so we're like twins and that baby is so cute don't stop gramming her please.


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