Friday, November 14

because friday

sometimes a friday comes around and it's different than other fridays.
and it's because you don't have to work your second job and it's not because you have shitloads of crap to do that you have off from your second job but it's because you decided that you just wanted to be able to go out to dinner on a friday night with the rest of the world that doesn't have to work at a restaurant and you're going to enjoy the shit out of it.  and then, since you're lazy and you'll probably eat too much, you'll go straight home after said dinner and watch eight hours of sons of anarchy and rock back and forth while you weep because it's so emotionally overwhelming that your tiny woman brain can barely handle it.  and then you'll follow it up by watching the voice because then you can have a healthy weep session where you thank the lord there are truly talented people in the world (though you're still harboring a deep seated resentment that you received no such talent).  and this entire time you will be rocking really perfectly curled hair that almost never happens.  and then you'll also go to the gym friday, saturday, and sunday and you will realize that you've gone to the gym every single day for the last two weeks and you will be impressed with yourself.  but not so impressed that you throw yourself a damn party where only you're invited and you get too drunk because you have calories that you need to save to eat pizza on saturday night and carrot cake pancakes on sunday morning and then will have to packer fan indulge after that and then be so exhausted you'll nap from 3PM till when you have to wake up for work on monday morning.

and just so we're clear this entire post was me telling you what i'm going to be doing this weekend.

other things i did this week:
1.  bought a blanket scarf  because ashten.
2.  tried shakeology for the first time because of samantha (and no there's no post that i know of that's shakeology related but i just like her blog).  oh wait i just searched her blog and ya there's totally a post and here it is.  it's HERE.
3.  had some really in depth conversations with lindsay about food.  basically just food porn.
4.  had my life changed when samm told me that there are bravo emoticons. #twirl
5.  harrassed faith because she's been posting lasagna spaghetti squash pictures and has yet to fork over the recipe so that i can cram it down my gullet.

and also because a post is boring without a picture here's one from last tuesday that murders my uterus every time i look at it.

happy weekend'ing, you hoes!
what's on your docket?

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  1. You say blanket scarf like its a bad thing.

    SOA. Season 6 finale. HEART CAN'T TAKE THE PAIN.


    Also shakeology tastes like butttttttt. Luh u tho.


  3. What can I say? Food excites me tremendously. I don’t watch Sons of Anarchy because I’m a wimpy loser and I can’t handle violence, but I DO watch The Voice. I love it, I can’t get enough.

    1. you're totally not a wimp.
      sons is just one of the main reasons i drink. like i drink to cope.

  4. If you have the chocolate Shakeology try it with almond milk, a dallop (because I like the word) of PB2 (or PB), and a half a banana.... that shit tastes just like a peanut butter cup. I inhaled it.

  5. I need to look up this whole blanket scarf business... everyone is talking about and I'm over here like "Is it just a scarf". LOL


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