Tuesday, November 4

a mishmash

i did something this morning.
something unheard of.

i dragged my unhappy ass to the gym at 5:15 in the AM.
and although it was pitch black dark outside and windy and cold and it felt weird to be there working out when really all i truly wanted to be was cocooned in my blanket fort spooning my dog i will fully admit that i kind of feel like i could almost take on the world right now.  but i could be confusing the take over the world feeling with ravenous all-consuming hunger but that's neither here nor there.  and this feeling of accomplishment that i'm currently feeling is only rivaled by the feeling of accomplishment i have after i take a shower.  so really it's the little things. or whatever.

also guys.
today marks six months of being married to shitler.
where's my medal?  because i damn sure deserve one when this beast is what you're married to.

but anyway.
really i just wanted to tell you that i can't believe i actually worked out at 5:15 this morning.  that's one for the record books, methinks.  people don't do gifts for this halfway, almost to a year of being married anniversary, do they?  i hope not.  if they do then my gift to shitler is me going to the gym this morning and also only being half way drunk when he gets home from bowling tonight. 


also can we talk about how six months ago we were frolicking on a beach and now it's november and politics is upon us and it's cold and i don't want to do anything at all except eat and hibernate?

p.s. this is a fun wedding photo that sometimes makes me want to "squeeeee!"

p.p.s. i wish i were better at blogging.
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  1. that's too early. for anything. ever.

    i can say that because i did 7 pushups at 4:45 this morning and no. not ever. not ever ever again.

  2. It cant really have been 6 months already. Where the fuck is my life going?

  3. I have never, ever seen the inside of a gym that early. I am so impressed (but not enough to actually accomplish such nonsense myself). And a HAPPY HALF ANNIVERSARY to you, Mrs. Shitler!!

  4. Gym. 5:15am. Solidarity. Proud. Me. No full sentences.

  5. Girl. First off, 5:15? I'm amazed. I can't do it...just can't. That's awful. But I'm proud of you and you're going to be hot and skinny while I hibernate. And 6 months? I felt like we hit a milestone when we made it halfway to a year, then someone told me, "nah, celebrate when you get to like year 11 or so and still haven't killed each other." COOL. Cheers to you two.

  6. Are we in the same time zone? If so, can I please give you my phone number and can you please call me to wake me up in the morning so I will do the exercise as well? Great. Thanks. HAPPY SIX MONTHS YOU CRAZY [HAIRY…..him, not you. I know what you do to that snooch of yours] KIDS!


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