Sunday, January 8

It's Not As Cold As It Should Be - And That Frightens Me.

remember how i'm doing that photo challenge? this week's theme is "cold."
and for january - one would think that living in the great state of wisconsin that it wouldn't be a problem to find some badass shots. but it's difficult to do so when winter has been dominated with 40 degree temperatures. the lake isn't frozen so all i hear is lincoln bitching about how he can't ice fish and there's zero snow to be found.
all in all, it's depressing.
depressing because i'm terrified of what spring will be like.
will we get four feet of snow in may?
will summer be a bunch of bullshit?
whose with me?
whose scared shitless?

i managed to get some average photos though (it helps that i wake up at the ass crack of dawn every morning, regardless if i have to or not):
this weekend has been exhausting. and i think that's the main reason why this post is barely entertaining. lincoln was in IL and i had to work. and there's nothing quite like having to wait on douchebags all weekend...
makes me want to kill myself.
check out this motherfucker

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