Thursday, January 5

I'm In the Mood to Eat My Feelings

and i'd start with some peeps.  i don't even fucking like peeps.  but they're here at work and i would destroy them with my jaw bone and molars. 
or incisors.
or canines.
or whatever a cool word for teeth other than teeth is.
don't get me wrong.  this diet has worked. 
i got on the scale this morning and fist pumped.  because i've officially lost 27.2 pounds.
so one would think that seeing results - and good ones at that - would curb my need to stuff my face with anything that comes across its path.  but apparently not.
and eating my feelings doesn't mean i'm sad.  in fact, i'm in a great mood.  i'm in a jubilant mood where happiness abounds and i want to eat massive amounts of cheese and cake balls. 
or perhaps just a cheese ball.  which would be awesome.
i'm not going to do any of that though.  if i ate something i shouldn't - it would create a dangerous slippery slope and i would somehow gain 27.2 pounds back in a single sitting. 
i know it's not possible, but somehow, with my luck - it would happen.


  1. Or Bicuspids- it's a good word - and good for grinding too!

  2. that IS a good word. why didn't i consult you whilst composing?


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