Sunday, January 1

Photo Challenge Motherfuckers.

now that i'm not drinking because of this damn diet i've found that i'm not only more productive but i'm apt to actually follow through on things that i say i'm going to do. 
shocking.  i know.
a lady on flickr posted a photo challenge for 2K12 and i've accepted said challenge.  but only the weekly one.  because the daily one is far too much work.
week one theme: NEW
new habits, new lifestyle, new hobbies, new awesome fucking pincushion snap bracelet.
same attitude though.
also, i'm obsessed with making pillowcases. 
and for the record.  it's been 63 days.  63 days without a drop of alcohol.
i really miss vodka. 
p.s.  happy fucking new year.


  1. Love the new pincushion bracelet!! Does that mean I get my little apple back?
    I'm so proud of you, the diet, and all those days without alcohol. The new hobbies of cooking and sewing are awesome! It was nice to spend time with you yesterday!!


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