Thursday, December 29

Live and Die by the Stars in the Sky

G sent me my horoscope from the journal sentinel this morning:

"friends surprise you with the kind of news that leaves your momentarily speechless while your brain searches for the right thing to say.  it's probably better not to say much.  being present and willing to listen will be enough".

nobody tell me anything. 
mainly because i don't care. 
plus, lincoln always chastises me because sometimes i say something with a certain intention and it comes out the complete opposite way.  that's the nice way of putting it.  he usually means, "just because you don't set out to be a bitch doesn't mean you're not being an actual bitch about it." 
which is totally true.  so once again, nobody tell me anything.  because i find it hard to stay quiet.  and i'll probably be a raging bitch.
after G sent me that i was in the horoscope mood.  so i checked msn:


"The horizon is clouded with doubt. You're feeling the frustrations brought about by recent decisions about your love life. In other words, you're getting cold feet! Today you must draw on your willpower and self-control in order to face your problems realistically while vanquishing your anxieties.


i guess lincoln and i should break up.  that's probably not what the horoscope means, but it's early and i've only had  one cup of coffee and i'm not equipped to process anything deeper and i saw the phrase "you're getting cold feet" and that's where my mind went. 
even though we're not engaged or anything like that.

in fact, last night lincoln played video games till 1AM.  i'm not sure why some females are annoyed by gaming.  i embrace it. 


lincoln gaming = lincoln leaving me alone.


[caption id="attachment_817" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="this just makes me laugh."][/caption]

also, i'm not sure what "today's sun reading" means but here's today's.  and i like it.
"Get ready to enjoy many special, positive experiences, thanks to the morning Moon sextile Pluto. You rise to the occasion in every one. Singles, be social go out tonight and meet lots of new people. Couples mutually feel that life is going just the way they want it to."

i don't like anything else other than the phrases "sextile Pluto" and "rise to the occasion"  because i think they go hand in hand.  but i don't know what "sextile Pluto" means.  and since it's "sextile Pluto" and singles should be social and "meet lots of new people" i'm going to assume that means have sex with lots of new people.

here's a picture of michael flatley:

[caption id="attachment_818" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="lord of the dance."][/caption]


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