Tuesday, December 6

Christmas Music Makes Me Want to Kill Myself

i don't care that the title of this post is both bold and probably incredibly offensive.  it is exactly how i feel about christmas music.

i hate the radio year round.  but i despise it especially throughout the holiday season.  and i wouldn't hate driving so much if Lincoln would follow through and finish the ramshackle job he started when he went to put a cd player in my car.  instead, i am forced to listen to the repetitiveness that is radio.  none of my presets are set up so i have to do that thing where you scan through while simultaneoulsy try to keep an eye on the road and not kill your fellow travelers. 

but that's neither here nor there.

i'm not sure at what point in november people think it's appropriate to play christmas music - but let me make myself clear - it's NEVER appropriate.  there's always some radio station that plays christmas music fucking constantly (sidenote: it must be fucking awful to work at that shithole of a station) and and it never fails that when i'm scanning through while driving i happen to hear a nanosecond of it and i swear it causes me to seize. 

i will allow a limited amount of christmas music one day and one day only.

christmas day. 

that's it.  every other time i hear it i want to commit horrible crimes.

here's something fantastic i found and is literally thought for thought how i feel (except i'm not jewish).

there is one song that i will allow.  this one.

 but i think it's mainly because i love anything to do with rodents doing human things.

case in point:

OR my personal favorite:

i now realize that this has turned into a post about rodents and how much i love seeing them row boats, sing or dance (among other things). 

but it's still mainly about how much i hate christmas music.

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  1. I love the chipmunk song too. In real life I hate rodents, but I love the Kia commercials. They crack me up! :)


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