Monday, December 5

I'm Not A Hateful Person, These Are Just the Things I Hate

in no particular order, these are the things i hate with a fucking passion.  this is nowhere near being done, but at least it's a start.

  • whistling
  • people who can't spell (i recently had a family member post something on facebook and use the word "rejoys."  i no longer consider us related)
  • braggarts
  • nickleback and los lonely boys (i don't know how far heaven is.  stop singing it like the answer is going to magically fucking come to you)
  • my neighbors (i called her a miserable cunt to her face once.  the truth hurts)
  • talking on the phone
  • peeing (it's a waste of my time)
  • people that think it's inappropriate to talk about taking a shit
  • people who don't use bookmarks (your cockiness will be your undoing)
  • the chicago bears
  • the kindle/nook (i refuse to be part of a movement that murders books)
  • people who groom themselves at work (stop clipping your fingernails.  i can hear it.
    it's disgusting)
  • not drinking
  • the bananas foster guy at the salsa cantina (no one cares that your recipe is awesome.  you're a show off)
  • showering (which is why i love camping)
  • people who don't ask specific questions when they're looking for a specific answer
  • rollercoasters
  • cleaning/laundry (also a waste of my time.  like peeing)
  • christmas music (it may or may not send me into a murderous rage)
i guess i don't hate as many things as i thought.  although these are just the first few that came to mind.  sometimes hatred creeps up unsuspectingly. 
addendums to come.


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