Tuesday, December 20

Textual Feeling: Red State. Not To Be Confused With My Menstrual Cycle

B: so, i see you finally watched red state.

me: good god.  i wish he was my pastor.

B: that dude was way fucked up.  such a great movie.

me: totally.

B: yeah, Milton shot that one guy.

me: i couldn't take him seriously.  not from office space or from when the pastor laid into him and started talking about feces on his scrotum.

B: i can't ever take him seriously with any character after office space or dodgeball.

me: what i will commend the loonies for is containing the bloody mess with saran wrap after they shot that guy in the head.

B: yes, you wouldn't want to get infected with the gay in his blood.

Me: no, since they consider it so contagious.

besides Yeti, i've recently indulged in one of those batshit crazy, radical religious movies that was on Netflix streaming.  props to B for mentioning it and thanks to Lincoln for badgering me till i watched it. 

it was.  INSANE.

i must warn that i had to edit the convo between b and i so that it wouldn't give anything away and please note the textual sarcasm when referencing homosexuality.

but most importantly, if you love guns, violence, right-wing nut jobs, charismatic pastor/cult leaders, perceived sexual deviancy, hymns, John Goodman, killing sprees, and overall ridiculousness then this movie is for you.

if you'd like a more concise version you can imdb it.

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