Tuesday, January 3

French Onion Meatloaf is a Gift From the Heavens

today is one of those days where all i've been thinking about is food.  what food i want to eat.  what food i wish i had for lunch other than what i actually have.  what food i have at home that i wish i could hork down (but i won't).  what past food/meals i've eaten. 
pile my food woes on top of the fact that it's fucking freezing outside and all i want to do is go home, crank the mini heater that sits right next to the bed, and crawl into my cocoon of blankets.
also, i'm extremely bored.  so i started going through the massive amounts of pictures on my iPhone and i came across these:
i made a delicious meatloaf for lincoln and B back when i got my perfect meatloaf pan.
french. onion. meatloaf.
it was beyond delicious and pretty similar to a french onion soup only in massive meat form. 
the salad i'm choking down looks like fucking dog shit compared to these photos.

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  1. Oh Shanny...you crack me up! Maybe finding some variations of your healthy food might help. But your a smart girl so your probably thinking why is my Aunt telling me this?? Haha! I think I am going to be more conscious of what I put in my body also. Have a good day and I'll see ya soon. :)


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