Sunday, January 22

The Salty Taste in My Mouth

over at one of my favorite blogs she does a piece where she covers things that are making her "ridiculously happy."  check her out.

i'd like to do a spin on that, but just for this week, because i've been happier than normal and i can only contribute it to things i've encountered this week.
1. the civil wars - i've had them on my iPhone for weeks but have just went hardcore on listening to them this week.  it is pure love.
2. this organizer i got for my desk.  i thought it was going to be bigger but when i received it and realized it was baby size - i loved it even more.
3. teaching people lessons.
4. being a bitch.
**sidenote.  3 & 4 often go together.  two birds, people.  two.  birds.
5. anything serial killer related  like this which then leads me to this picture that i discovered the other day:
6. b sent me this last week and i keep forgetting about it.
it's the little things i guess.  i think i'm coming down from my happiness high - because i'm not that happy currently. 
but i also i think it has to do with the fact that there's a highly anticipated rape scene in the book i'm reading and i haven't gotten to it yet.  and i'm getting impatient.  and being impatient makes me unhappy.


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