Thursday, July 5

Gun Mug

i must admit that today has been a struggle.  
because it feels like america punched me in the face after it got done kicking me while i was down because independence day was on a fucking wednesday and i'm now paying the hangover piper.  because i'm slightly twitchy.  and i crammed about 20 ham and pickle roll ups in my mouth.  and then a half of pint of melty cherry garcia and called that lunch.  and i've fantasized about food all damn day and how i would eat an entire party sub if someone brought it to me.  and i smell like christmas.  but not in the santa claus way.  but in the gin way.  because i drank way too much of that yesterday.  and because it felt like my body has been trying to expel everything in me all day by way of high quantity, odd colored shits.  
too much?
i don't even care.
i'm in the mood to over-share.  

and i may have been forcibly grabbed yesterday.  because i have bruises in the shape of fingers on my arm.  and also the bruises on my leg have gotten noticeably worse.  and usually i end up with awesome pictures but i was a complete disappointment yesterday because i have no awesome pictures.  just a thousand of fucking fireworks.  so i had to steal some from others.
here is the day.  summed up in 3 pictures.

and i have to put in a fireworks picture.

ok two.  because two out of a thousand isn't that bad.

so in all seriousness.  today was on a whole other level of lame.  

until 2PM.  
when this came:

and somehow, everything is now right in the world.

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